Daryn Cresswell interview on ABC Grandstand

As you may or may not know I recently helped former Sydney Swan 250-odd gamer Daryn Cresswell pen his biography.

Since his time as a player and AFL coach, Daryn’ went through a self-inflicted wringer – gambling, depression, suicide attempts, a totally shredded personal life, a fraud conviction, a jail sentence.

These days Crezza (as he is probably better known) coaches Palm Beach Currumbin in the the local SEQAFL competition and plies a trade as a landscaper having quietly rebuilt his life.

This chat took place the day before Crez was due to coach his local lads in their Grand Final. (They went on to win it by six goals).

It starts with Daryn telling ABC Grandstand’s Zane Bojack and Al Nicholson about how much he was looking forward to the decider.

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I write about sport and other things. I'm a dad and a husband. I regularly do the broadcast thing on 91.7 ABC Gold Coast. I like weird guitars and wacky fuzz pedals. My tweet to follower ratio is poor, but improving. The St Kilda Football Club is my seductress. She kills me daily. Surfing helps.
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