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A new little blob of fiction…

This little story of mine published last month in a most impressive new magazine called White Horses. Go to for a perve. Well worth it, I assure you. Gra Murdoch and team do an amazing job I reckon. I … Continue reading

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Cherry poppin’ blogness

I just typed THE.F@#$ING.END on the last page of the latest instalment of my very own work-for-less-than-the-dole scheme – i.e. book writing – so thought I’d celebrate rethinking the old web presence elements of my paltry, word-laden existence. So here … Continue reading

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On taking a jab to land a hook…

There are good days and bad days in this caper. Writing House of the Rising Suns was a joy beginning to end. The nature of the project allowed me to immerse myself in a game I love and regurgitate the experiences I … Continue reading

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Internet Heroism AKA The New Reviewer AKA A Quiet Word About a Man Called Peter

  From May 2012 As a bloke who until recently had avoided the web beyond looking up rare Neil Young concert footage, the surf report and football news, I’ve only recently started using it with any kind of targeted regularity. … Continue reading

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This code-hopping triumphalism is utter tosh

Today AFL’s head honcho, Andrew Demetriou, came out and said something abhorrently dodgy. Here’s the relevant quote: “I’m on the record as saying both Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau have returned our investment in spades,” he said. “In fact they’re … Continue reading

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